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Why should you hire a resume service or professional resume writer?Fototapete Tapete Wandbild Textil 15F0326940 Erleichterungblueme bluemen Ornament Simple, because recruiters review hundreds of resumes each day and your resume has only 6 seconds to grab their attention. I am a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) with over 10 years of marketing experience.Fototapete Tapete Wandbild Textil 15F0327600 Bunte Dschungel Terrasse AussichtNa I work with clients all over the world to create customized, branded, targeted resumes, designed to catch the eye of hiring managers, and get your phone ringing! I also provide guided coaching on tactical job searching – what to say and do to get past the black hole of the dreaded ATS!

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My name is Rebecca Henninger and I am a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) with a proven track record helping clients all over the world.Fototapete Tapete Wandbild Textil 15F0330180 3D black Weisser TunnelAbstraktio Unlike a big resume service that produces hundreds of resumes each day, I personally manage the entire process to deliver high quality, keyword-optimized, branded resumes.

You’ll have the benefit of my years of experience not only as a writer, but also as a marketing and communications professional. Fototapete Tapete Wandbild Textil 15F0331840 greener Traktor auf dem FeldNatur LäI’ll put my skills and talents to work for you and create a polished marketing piece, customized to your unique skills and experience, and designed to produce results!Fototapete Tapete Wandbild Textil 15F0332720 StadtPostkarte Stadt Vintage Wasser As a coach, I’ll partner with you to put your new resume to work and create a job search strategy that opens doors.

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Let's make your resume irresistible.
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I gather all the information needed to craft a unique resume during our phone interview.Fototapete Tapete Wandbild Textil 1D20395808 Geräucherte Eiche Planken Imitation If you are short on time or would rather conduct the process after hours, I have a questionnaire option.

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I rely on you as the field expert, but leverage my own expertise as a marketing manager and professional writer to create a polished, professional, keyword-rich resume.

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After the initial draft is created, we revise it together, depending on your package.Fototapete Tapete Wandbild Vlies 1D20159288 Photo Wallpaper Mural Panda-Bär auf Every document goes through an extensive proofing process and you receive multiple formats of the final copy.

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The benefits of having a professional resume writer on your side are priceless! Fototapete Tapete Wandbild Vlies 1D20244920 RauteBeyond the aesthetics, it also allows you to focus the content and remove any “fluff” that might be holding it back. Take a look at some of the top benefits below:

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A Top Career Website in 2016

Thumbtack.com Best Business of 2015

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