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Papel Pintado Mural De Vellón Lagos Nieve 01 Paisaje Fondo De Pansize ES Bosque nvtqem2077-Wallpaper MuralsHome

Committed to helping our students become leaders in the global community.
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St. Thomas gave me the opportunity to meet very successful people in the sports industry that started exactly where I did, which showed me anything is possiblePhoto Wallpaper Mural Non-woven 10331_VEN Forest in the Daylight nature trees fo. I also got the chance to graduate with my bachelor’s degree in three years and immediately start my master’s degree; and through it all I was able to play softball.

Papel Pintado Mural De Vellón Lagos Bosque Nieve 01 Paisaje Fondo De Pansize ES

While at St. Thomas University, I participated in groundbreaking autism research. Research of that caliber isn’t available to undergraduate students at other universities. It was exciting to work on something that could possibly help millions of people with autism. Photo Wallpaper Mural Non-woven 10454_VEN Pictures of Funny Pets animals pets chI credit the university’s undergraduate research programs and its professors for the year-long fellowship I was recently awarded at the National Institute of Health (NIH).

St. Thomas University has a really big support system. It reminds me of a family. I’m in the criminal justice program which exposes students to real world experiences, and the professors are always available whenever I need them. The ease of accessibility to faculty and staff is something other universities can’t offer.

I left my home country of Wales to study in the United States because I wanted to experience different cultures. At St. Thomas University I have been able to grow and learn from its diverse student body, and experience different cultures.

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Everyone at St. Thomas University feels welcome and inspired to be the best they can be in the classroom and on the field. Being that it is a smaller university, everyone genuinely takes the time to get to know you, and help you with whatever you may need. It’s a caring close-knit family environment that has helped me grow academically and athletically.

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Papel Pintado Mural De Vellón Lagos Nieve 01 Paisaje Fondo De Pansize ES Bosque nvtqem2077-Wallpaper MuralsHome

At St. Thomas I was given the opportunity to play tennis and receive academic and sports scholarships that covered 100 percent of my tuition. I was very fortunate because it weren’t for St.Photo Wallpaper Mural Non-woven 10861_VEN Poznań Vintage Poznań Old Town Square Thomas I don’t know if I would’ve kept studying. STU also provided a sense of community and unity unlike any other university. The professors know you by name and you form a strong bond with other students.

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At STU, I feel like more than just another student. The teacher to student ratio allows for a more personalized experience. With the help of my professors, I was able to attain a competitive internship with the United States Department of Agriculture and compete in international finance competitions, which will give me an advantage when applying for full-time positions once I graduate with my MBA from STU.

Photo Wallpaper Mural Non-woven 11143_VEN Flamingo Abstraction Art Geometry ModeDuring my undergraduate career at St. Thomas University, I took advantage of the unique research opportunities at the school of science, which reinforced my interest in medicine. From the moment I entered St. Thomas University I had a connection with the faculty and staff; a connection I wouldn’t have had at a big university. If it weren’t for the support of my teachers and staff members at St. Thomas, I wouldn’t be what I am today – a medical student at Penn State.

Papel Pintado Mural De Vellón Lagos Nieve 01 Paisaje Fondo De Pansize ES Bosque nvtqem2077-Wallpaper MuralsHome

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Photo Wallpaper Mural Non-woven 11226_VEN Cube Abstraction Art Design Modern MosJune 21, 2019 Liza Smoker, managing director of The John J. Brunetti Human Trafficking Academy at St. Thomas University, was selected as one of the 60 Scholars chosen for the Presidential Leadership Scholars (PLS) program’s fifth annual class. Read More
Second story imageJune 7, 2019 St. Thomas University is pleased to announce a $3 million unrestricted gift from the Frank E. Murphy Foundation to be used to further new initiatives at St. Thomas University. Read More
third story imageJune 21, 2019 St. Thomas University is pleased to announce that it received a significant grant for its School of Nursing.Photo Wallpaper Mural Non-woven 11366_VEN Abstraction Abstraction Art Modern The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has awarded the University $331,139 under its Nurse Faculty Loan Program (NFLP). Read More
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St. Thomas University Events

Tue 12
Archdiocese of Miami Administrators MeetingTuesday, March 12 - 9 am
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Wed 13
Bookkeepers MeetingWednesday, March 13 - 10 am
Fri 15
Clergy Day of Recollection Friday, March 15 - 10 am
Sat 16
Art Show CaseSaturday, March 16 - 6 pm
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